Annas Awakening - An Erotic Story Ivan Ballard


Published: December 21st 2011

Kindle Edition

16 pages


Annas Awakening - An Erotic Story  by  Ivan Ballard

Annas Awakening - An Erotic Story by Ivan Ballard
December 21st 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 16 pages | ISBN: | 6.36 Mb

Wife Swapping / Wife Sharing / Menage A Quatre / Couples SwingAnna breaks down in the supermarket when she realizes she is boring. She feels like her husband deserves better. She calls her sister in tears, and her sister suggests she have an affair…while her husband watches! Can Anna and an old college friend bring some excitement into her life?Excerpt:Anna relaxed on the couch as Michele delivered drinks to the boys on the balcony and then brought a couple of flutes of champagne to the couch.

She told Anna, “Bottoms Up!” and they both drained them. Then, Michele said, “We’re just gonna get started. They boys will figure out what to do.”With that, she kissed Anna on the mouth. Anna had never kissed a girl before. It was sweet and tender and it sent thrills up and down Anna’s body.

Michele took the lead, immediately pushing Anna’s dress from her shoulders as her tongue softly explored her mouth.Anna sighed when Michele took her mouth away to lean down, pull off Anna’s bra, and put her lips over her nipple. It was such a powerful feeling, and to Anna it felt like her nipple was attached by a wire to her clit. She felt every flick of Michele’s tongue on her nipple as though it were between her legs.

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